HDMI to HDMI + Audio Out OR HDMI to DVI + Audio (quality loss???)

I have a Roku 3 connected to my PC monitor. My monitor has an HDMI, DVI, and VGA input. Also, it is has an audio in. My Roku 3 only has an hdmi out. I have a surround sound system and I want to connect it. I have temporarily been converting left and right audio into a single signal and plugging it into the Roku 3 remote but the connector on the remote is spotty and I want to use something else.

I found this on Amazon:


Is there any cheaper options?

Currently I use HDMI at display of 720p. I was thinking of converting HDMI from roku to DVI + audio but I was not sure how much quality I would lose. Any sugggestions?
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  1. what surround system?
  2. Surround Sound system has left and right audio inputs. Right now I have a converter that combines the left and right into single output. I believe it is 3.5mm. Did this help?
  3. not really.

    brand? model number? link to product? photos?

    a surround system or computer speakers?

    unless you specify... i'm only guessing here.
  4. It is a surround sound system but is brand and model important? (I have it at my other house and have yet to pick it up), but I understand the connections of my sound system. My problem is splitting an hdmi from my roku into a video and audio output.
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    honestly no, its not. the only reason i ask is so that i can be 100% sure about your connections in case you overlooked something.

    if you want to rely on the fact that "red+white" composite plugs are the only inputs (which would only be a 2.0 stereo sound input to your surround system) then yes... a box like the one you listed above is exactly what you need.

    you need a box that has a digital analog converter (to convert the hdmi digital audio signal to an analog signal) along with hdmi passthrough for the video signal and it needs to have either a red+white composite connection or a 3.5mm stereo connection.

    that box that you listed is actually one of the cheaper ones. there are others which have a few more features which are more expensive.

    now if you missed an input and your speakers had a spdif coax or spdif optical connection you might be able to get away with a cheaper converter.
  6. I do not think I missed an input but I will check. I appreciate your help, thanks for being patient with me :)
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