Windows 7 Home hangs Restart/Shutdown

The problem is Windows 7 hangs on restart and shutdown only after its been on for some hours, on a fresh reboot 1 hour later its fine I shutdown but this is bugging me as I left it for 6 hours + and when I wanted to restart it would get in the process of it show me the blue screen with the circle attempting to restart.

Then 1 hour later hard drive is flickering but still not restarting, so I hard shutdown the laptop and Reboot it up again and it boots fine as if the system did shut down successfully.

I find this strange, I did do a format a few months ago but I installed all drivers fine from manufacturer and few windows updates but after these updates its shutting down fine after many hours, its only lately its been doing this.

my hardware
Dell XPS 15 L502X x64 i7 8gb Memory Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz, 2001 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
with Nvidia GT 540M latest Geforce Experience drivers.

Page file is managed by the system, over 100gb free harddrive space on C and its the only hdd on there.

I do have 2 Icy boxes and 2 hard drives connected all via usb 3.0 self powered hub, but the problem still occurs even without usb connected, its like the longer the laptop is running that's when it doesn't restart or shutdown.

I've even tried power options was enabled but disabled usb Suspend setting so it doesn't suspend my usb I take it thats a hardware thing?

I do have Charging disabled but plugged in for 5+ hours but I doubt it could be that otherwise why would it give me the option to disable charging and still keep it at 80% as for instance.

Turn off harddisk after on battery - 10 minutes and plugged in 20 minutes.

Lately I opened it up and switched the memory sticks to see if it was maybe a memory socket issue as I switched them out a few months back don't ask me why.

I'm sure its a memory thing? since I've run scans Malwarebytes, superantispyware, AVast, spybot 1.6, Windows defender, Hijackthis I even ccleaner and defraged the system I don't understand what it could be but if its the memory switch i mentioned above I'll know by tomorrow.

Any ideas what else it could be? What should I do Id rather avoid another format as I've installed lots of things and configured them etc.. Can anybody please help me?
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  1. like to mention it also happened again but this time it happened after 30min in use of during windows. Connected a usb device a few times and some apps run slow stuck on the screen won't even end task anything. Its as if applications still run but when I close them down they don't appear closed and they still run in task manager. As if ghost running the image of it is there maybe its stuck in memory somehow? Free memory phases between 5-16mb when it happened and typically i have over 1500mb free strange considering I have 8gb Installed. Could this be a superfetch thing that is sucking all my memory away?

    Before it was booting up though I got a blue screen which said this-
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