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I would like to get a new laptop , I have been told to avoid HP as their hardware malfunctions more then any more big name company, true? I want a fast laptop so naturally I want an i7 core processor (dose Quad core / Duo core make much difference?) , however am I any better off with an i7 core if the base clock is 1.8Ghz? I assume unless the Base clock is an higher number such as 2.7Ghz + that would be much better for my i7 processor? due to pricing am I better off getting an i5 processor that runs on an faster base clock? I like HD movies , using multipal windows at once (research n videos normally) however the most advanced games I play is currently a Game Cube emulator (however if I can get something that runs more advanced games that would be useful for the future) . Thanks for your time n effort , Jim
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  1. HP isnt bad, toshiba can be.
    As for the processor, dual cores are next to worthless now, so stick with quad and up.
    Just looking at speeds isnt the deciding factor on CPUs. A fast i7, with weak cores, is worse than a slower i5 with stronger cores. You have to list individual CPUs to get a clear answer.
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