Good Power Supply for 100$

Anyone knows a good PSU that can handle this Graphics card: R9 270X OC with boost for 100$?
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  1. XFX 550W PRO550W Core Edition $49.99 after mail in rebate.

    Very high quality PSU, made by Seasonic, arguably the best PSU maker there is right now.
  2. could be a little better than that? since that only gives me 467.5W and the Graphics card asks for a 500W PSU

    550W*85% = 467.5W
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    For $69.99 after mail in rebate you could jump up to a Corsair TX650W

    But the xfx550W would be more than enough, including room for overclocks.
  4. thanks i will try to buy the Corsair TX650 it's more safe to buy that one that gives me 552,5W
  5. A Radeon R9-270X NEEDS at least 24 amps on the 12v rail and a 500 watt psu.

    The XFX 550w HAS 44 AMPS ON THE 12 V rail.

    The XFX 550 will run a single 290x easily.

    Will also run a single 770 or 780.
  6. @OP: I think you are misunderstanding what the efficiency rating is referring to. I could be wrong.

    I sent a PM to Ko888 (resident PSU guru) and he said:

    At the full power draw of 550 Watts from the DC output the PSU operates at a conversion efficiency of 82% (from's measurements during their review of the XFX550W). This means that the PSU will draw 550 Watts ÷ 82% = 670.7 Watts at its AC power plug.

    The efficiency rating refers to how efficiently it draws power from the wall to achieve it's wattage. It is not referring to how much of it's rated wattage is actually being delivered.
  7. oh okay thanks for clearing me that out, i was wrong of thinking about that
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