New headset plays no sound, old headset does. Headset works on ipod, but not pc

I recently purchased a refurbished Steelseries Siberia headset from newegg to replace my old 20$ radioshack ones..Well I got them today and it hasnt turned out so good. They work perfectly fine on my ipod, but my computer doesnt seem to detect them. On the realtek manager, I clicked on connector settings, and checked disable front panel jack detection, and then it did detect my microphone and "speakers", but no sound came out of my headset and my microphone made a weird sound. It did detect sound being played on my windows at least. I reinstalled my drivers and did a buncha stuff for 4 hours. My old headset was USB, this new one is not.I'm using windows 8.1...Dont know what else to do
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    Sometimes some computers won't push a headset.

    I'm an audiophile so i have my Sennheisers, and Grodo Labs cans. My Grodo cans worked with the portable stuff, but my laptop lacks the ingredients to push the high end headphones.

    It is driver. Audio Codec 97 or something that goes with your current soundcard. (Or video card)
    If you have a sound card, you might have to check to see if it is plugged in on you MOBO, and if it requires a cable connection to your MOBO... Some of that 7 channel stuff has to have juice to push your headset. Most computers work with just earbuds and low end messy kid stuff.
    If you have space on your MOBO you can pick up a generic sound card that comes with its own utilities and this should solve any problem you have with audio. I think Best Buy sells audio cards for as low as $10.00.

    Also... this might sound kind of dumb, but it has happened to me... Be sure and check your volume control in your settings. Just in case you might of overlooked this. (Sometimes it can be simple things.)

    Hope this is of some help.
  2. Hey, so it's been a while and i still have had no luck. I ordered a USB soundcard but that is taking FOREVER to ship...anyone have any ideas? im trying to find alternative drivers compared to the realtek ones that windows update gives me but i cant seem to find any... i just need something else something new!! all the same advicee. im a newb to bios but if anyone wants to help me with it im more than willing to try
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