2x GTX 670 running on PCI 2.0 x8 - Will PCI 3.0 at x8 or x16 improve performance?


I have an Asus lower end motherboard. I'm running two GTX 670 on PCI 2.0 x8 slots. Will running them on a motherboard that has PCI 3.0 with x8 or x16 slots improve performance? Thanks.

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    there will hardly be any noticeable perform rise(say about 0-2%)
    Here is case with SLI of gtx 680 reviews regarding PCI Express 2.0 vs 3.0:

    Here is another case from anandtech in reviews of titan sli:
  2. Nope, well, not really, the performance will not be very noticeable if at all. GPU's don't really use enough bandwidth to max out a PCIE 2.0 slot.

    Just keep your current motherboard for the time being.
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