Constant DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL BSOD even after 3 full wipes. Need Help NOW!

After wiping my gaming desktop, I keep getting this bsod. I tried to re wipe completely 3 times yet i keep getting this same blue screen of death. I am new here lol and im a noob at this stuff.


Amd Athlon ii x4 640 3.0 ghz

AMD Radeon Hd 6870

8 gb ddr3 ram

2 tb HD

If you need additional information please tell me. I really need this fixed. been having this same problem for 3 months already.

Update: netr28ux.sys was mentioned in a recent BSOD of the same type mentioned in the beginning. Perhaps this can help us with solving this problem.
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  1. I would be interested to know so far solutions you have tried to rsolve it ... Check out why this occurs and possible solutions to how to solve it

    Hopefully, would help you outta this deadly bsod
  2. This is common with an unstable overclock.

    If thats not the case I would suspect a failing cpu or ram.
  3. I have attempted doing full wipes, registry fixes, and searching for faulty drivers with BlueScreenView. Now I seem to be getting a diverse set of BSODS. KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED, SYSTEM_PTE_MISUSE, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, and NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM. Seem to be getting a mix of BSODS now. Also thank you very much for helping me!
  4. Somehow, I get the feeling you have Catalyst Control Center installed. I used to get those exact blue-screen errors. I have not gotten any since upgrading my Catalyst software Suite to version 13.12 (I have an A8-3850 APU [embedded AMD Radeon HD 6550D])
  5. I seem to not be getting BSODS anymore. But I still feel paranoid about it crashing on me randomly. And now there is a new problem. The internet is not working. it says I'm connected with 2 or 3 bars showing. However the internet would not connect. I am using an airlink 300n wireless usb adapter. Do the drivers for this device (airlink 300n adapter) have an effect on the internet speed/usability?
  6. go into your bios and set your power and whole computer to optimal/default settings. See if this stabilizes you up. Also what are you connecting TO for internet?
  7. Lee-m said:
    This is common with an unstable overclock.

    If thats not the case I would suspect a failing cpu or ram.

    Nope, computer will overheat and cause problem as that (amd chipset), I fix same broblem
    1) extra fan to blow heat out and cool air from bottom (system temperature rise to 42 degrees of celsius and crashes often)-
    2) uninstall all wlan (usb management programs), just use only driver (realtek software fails)
    3) disable defender from windows - crashes in update process mostly on power save mode or something else in many cases

    Voila - works well (Windows 7 professional N x64 finnish in this case). Asus m4a77t-usb3, phenom II 965 with 8g hyper-x,
    problem is common on several M3 - M5 series motherboards.. May be also caused boxed cooler what is not very big one
    and does not blow around to board. Anyway, do not give up - use little time to make cooling better and read errordata from
    system info program (last tab) - to see failing programs and processes. Wlan manager is usual unstable application as
    defender, it is not first one time I remove unstable defender. Antivirus programs are more important than defender (more spying
    than securing software). How? Just shut off defender process from manager.
  8. My box is Windows 7, Home Premium; but, with all the different crash-errors, perhaps Windows 8 didn't install correctly because of dust.
    What I would do next, is to clean the Windows 8 disk, using CD cleaning spray, and CD cleaning wipes (radially, from the center, outward), visually inspect the data side of the disk for scratches or dust, and, then clean the laser lens of the optical drive with either a CD/DVD lens cleaning disk [or one specifically marked for Blu-ray lenses, IF your drive is a Blu-ray drive (do not try to clean a blu-ray drive lens with a CD lens cleaning "disk")], if the disk looks good. Of course, get a good Windows 8 disk, (and reformat/reload) if there are any defects found in your o/s disk.

    (Reformat and) Re-install Windows.

    Next I would check for Catalyst Control Center (CCC) video driver and CCC updates (and apply them, if you do not have the most up-to-date version) at (I can't tell you why, but this update fixed my *_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL crashes [perhaps the "update" was given by AMD because of a logic-coding error in the initial version(s) that were present at the time you re-installed Windows 8]).
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