Computer is randomly EXTREMELY SLOW.

I tried to scan for viruses but there seems to be an error and scanning takes a very long time because of how slow my computer is right now. I can barely move my mouse without it freezing constantly, programs literally take 5-10 minutes to start up, and it just annoys me how slow this is. I don't think there is a program using too much memory and I am currently scanning my computer for viruses but it is EXTREMELY slow. The framerate is very slow. Any tips on how I can find the problem faster or stop this?
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  1. full system scan takes hole day (depends on the antivirus program )may help do clean boot: .then backup your data and make fresh windows install.
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    I think the Operating System (OS) of your computer has slowed down. May be, you have installed too many programs on your computer. That causes a computer to slow down. I would suggest you to delete all the unwanted files and other matter.

    Second possibility is that there might be a virus in your system which is causing malfunctioning of your PC. Take a good antivirus program and scan your computer. I have NOD 32 antivirus and its good...
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