Best 1080p monitor at $120 price range.

I'm looking to upgrade from my old my old 1440x900 monitor to the cheapest 1080p monitor I can find.

At around $120 I found some monitors that seem pretty good but I don't really know much about what makes a monitor better than another so if you guys could give me some feedback I would much appreciate it.

Some background on me. I gamed pretty heavily in the past but not so much now. Had to sell my old HD6970s for textbook money and instead just have a HD5450. I play what little games I can run including mostly Neverwinter. Since I can't game as much now I work on electronic music production and it would help to get a dual monitor set up for my mixing. In the future when I'm not poor I can get a better GPU and will plan to game on my new 1080p monitor.

Now for some of the monitors I found:

-I heard excellent things about BenQ's 144hz monitor so I thought maybe this cheaper one might be decent? I've also heard these korean monitors overclock their refresh rates real well.

-Rave reviews just about everywhere I look. I like that this one has an HDMI port but I don't really know if it's specs are better than the BenQ one.
Thank you in advance!
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  1. The BenQ is a good choice
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