do i have a possible bad motherboard?

computer was working last night and in the morning. before I went to work i shutted the computer down. i came home from work several hours later power computer on : no display no keyboard lighting up, hear computer hard drive running cd drive working. I open the case and checked fans for processor and exhaust fan was working then turns off after few seconds. could i possibly have a bad mother board?
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  1. try power on , only motherboard out of case...if still power on for a few second, that motherboard problem or psu problem
    power motherboard without cpu, memory or anything plug.
    after power on for a long time try to put cpu without memory , is there any beep if yes bad memory, if no motherboard problem
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    Unplug every cable including power cables.

    Also take out the battery and plug it back after some time. Clear the CMOS settings.

    Try to check with PSU and motherboard first.

    After that try to booth with mobo, cpu and one stick of ram only.
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