What motherboard should i pick for i7 4770k and gtx 770

Im really stuck on what motherboard to chose for my build im about to purchase, i plan on overclocking in the future and i want a good stable motherboard thats not pricey. So the far the only options i have found that arent too steep in price are

Gigabyte motherboard GA-Z87X-D3H Haswell 4 X DDR3
and the
Asus hero

the asus hero being $100 more expensive then the gigabyte, can anyone give me an idea of which one i should use. i prefer to use the cheaper gigabyte but if thats not suitable for what i plan to do then i may aswell choose the hero, i just need advice on what is more suitable. thanks
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    My vote goes to Asus Maximus VI Hero. I myself am using Asus Maximus VI Formula and I switched from simply getting Asus Z87-A to sabertooth to Formula and I love this mobo series from Asus. So much functionality built in these mobos.

    Price is high, it is worth every single penny.
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