which remote desktop software has the simplest/fastest login, and cleanest UI?

I've been a long time user of RealVNC (server and client), because my primary use case was connecting to my media server (linux) and workstation (windows) over my LAN from my laptop - often opening & closing connections dozens of times a day. The features that made this work were:

1. the ability to store login info in shortcuts
2. super fast authentication/login
3. no splash screens or extra "client" windows - just a remote desktop in a window

Just one click, and boom - instant remote connection. I'll sometimes connect over the internet, but LAN use is the most frequent. So VNC's choppiness didn't bother me much.

But recently, I tried NoMachine NX, and realized just how slow/choppy the VNC/RFB protocol is. Now I want a faster connection - but the alternatives I've tried either take too long to authenticate, or force you to multiple-click your way through a app gui, or don't allow saving auth info.

Is there a "next-gen" (i.e. fast) remote desktop app that will let me have my one-click instant connection cake, and eat it too? Windows built-in RDP fits the one-click bill, but it's not much faster than VNC for me.

Windows + linux would be a bonus, as would fancy features like file transfer. But I'd prefer to avoid something that relies on 3rd party servers.
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  1. Teamviewer??
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    Just curious, but if you found the tool you like (which I assume is NoMachine), why are you in search of another? Didn't you see those little check boxes saying "Don't show this message again"? Check them and also check "Save this password in the connection file" when inserting the password. That way you only need to double-click once to connect to the remote server.
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