No post, beeps, new mobo. Dead cpu or mobo?

I finally got a new mobo since i had to rma the old one (died somehow, msi didnt specify) and with the new same model replacement motherboard [MSI 970A-G46] my pc doesnt post. The fans, harddrives, my antec khuler, and my mobos leds indicate that all of my cpus powerphases are powered but theres no post or beeps when i purposly remove a ram dimm.
What do?
Heres my build:

Amd Fx 8350 Black edition
XFX R9 290
Msi 970A G46 motherboard
Coolermaster 700w Extreme power plus
Antec Khuler h2o 620
WD caviar blue 1tb 7200rpm drive
4gbx2 corsair 1600mhz ram

Side notes*
Previous mobo couldve killed my cpu along with itself.
Some cases of cpu compatability issues
Cpu is and has always been at base clocks.
I have checked my psu on other computers and it works along with the ram and gpu, also the motherboard is new and just arrived today but, theres still a chance its not working.
Please help! I need to figure out if its the cpu or the mobo not working :(
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    Hi there!

    My advice is two-fold. First see if you can test your CPU in another motherboard to determine its state, and secondly don't use that MSI motherboard.

    MSI have said that in order to use that CPU you need a different motherboard as that one cannot handle the TDP of the FX 8350. AMD claim that the TDP is 120W, but according to MSI they ran tests that showed the FX 8350 actually uses up to 140W which is too much for the board to handle.

    Source is here:

    You will need to zoom in on those screenshots as the up-loader seems to use a telescope to read their monitor, lol.

    MSI recommend you use the 990FXA series of motherboards and that this issue is an AMD one as they are incorrectly stating the TDP of their product. If you can check your CPU to see if it's still alive, and if it is, then I'd say send back the current board and get the 990FXA one. If however the CPU is dead, I would email AMD, link this thread and the one I linked and ask them to sort out a replacement chip. If there is precedence for this, and there appears to be, then it is up to them to make it right.

    I wish you the best of luck and if there's anything else I can do to help let me know :)
  2. remove all the ram if you want to force a beep code.
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