AMD Zambezi (Vishera) FX-8350 vs Intel Core i7 - 3.5GHz - 4770k

I want to know wich of these cpu's is better ,AMD Zambezi (Vishera) FX-8350 or Intel Core i7 - 3.5GHz - 4770k?I know the AMD is 8 core ,and the intel is 4,so I think the AMD is better but I am not sure?
now I have Intel Core i7 - 3.5GHz - 4770k,but I can not install linux open suse 12.1 ?could any one helo me,plz?
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  1. 4770k is the best.
    fx 8350 is more of a 4 core with dublicated components.

    So what exactly are you going to do, as you might don't need to spend the extra cash for the I7.
  2. On the desktop, fewer faster cores will trump twice as many slower cores any day. In terms of engineering complexity (as in die area, transistors, and overall million instructions per second) Intel quad-core i5 and AMD Vishera are similar, but it's always better to have faster cores for single threaded performance. And then the Core i7 will be slightly better than Core i5 if you need better +eight thread performance. And this is why, 4770K is more expensive than 4670k, and 4670k is more expensive than FX 8350.
  3. The only point a piledriver and haswell would be similar would be in pure integer instructions.
    The second cache-management, FP instructions and much much more comes into play, piledriver simply cannot follow.
  4. Intel has been sidegrading since sandy bridge in 2011 , Amd is playing this 10% performance boost off the epic failure known as bulldozer , Its like amd is wanting to do things like intel use to do 10 years ago with their netburst, sidegrade or go backwards lol. GHZ GHZ GHZ , architecture is what prevails in the modern era of cpus.
  5. The 4770k is better in every way. Even the 4670k is better 90% of the time. I would not get either of them though.
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    no comparison, i7 4770k all the day...I am/was an AMD fan myself, never thought I would get an Intel i5-4670k... I bought the fx-8350 and that chip didn't even catch up with intel i3, I sold the fx and bought intel i5 comparison mate, I was so angry and pissed off that I changed my plans of getting an AMD GPU as well... I have visions of love and hate for look at this
    people here now me as dark.resurrection, maybe they can tell you what a fanboy I was...go with Intel and never look back
  7. That link is a great example of why the i3 4130 and i5 4570 are the 2 cpus I most frequently recommend on here.
  8. I am so happy I jumped to Intel mate, CTurbo remember all the altercation we had here on Intel/AMD!!? well you were really right and I was really wrong....Intel all the way...
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