I am using a notebook computer with Windows 7 Home Basic as the operating system. Everytime I boot my computer I have to press

How to keep wireless connection turned ON as default
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  1. you have to press what?
  2. I have to press Function + F11 to turn ON wireless connection. Is it possible to set the wireless connection to ON as the default?
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    see if theres an option in the bios,
    also see if theres an option in the device manager properties for your wireless card (including power saving)
    also see if there are any power management profile options which relate to this.
  4. Urumiko said:
    you have to press what?

    Hi Urumiko..
    I guess that question (from mystery )is happen to me as well.

    It's mean when we start or reboot, window ask to select which window to run.. there is 02window showing on screen after reboot.
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