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I am replacing a Dell XPS 420 PSU so I can upgrade the graphics card. The new one (Corsair builder) fits in just fine but there seems to be a plug I don't have. This is labelled "P2" on the original. It is a 4 pin version of the PCIE graphics card type. It has the same black and yellow wires. It is even possible to plug the end 4 pins of a PCIE plug in there but ... the wires are the wrong way round - i.e. the two yellow are next to the clip in the original but if ?I plug in a PCIE one if's the two black.

So ... Does anyone know what these are for - I am guessing fans?
Can I use a PCIE and the colour difference will it matter (unlikely)?
Is there an adapter available?
Can I swap the yellow and black wires and use a PCIE plug?
Can I cut the original 4 pin plug off and just connect to yellow and black using some shrink wrap to insulate/keep tidy?

Fingers crossed one of you good people out there knows this stuff.

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    Here's a handy guide to PSU connectors and what they do I suspect you're looking at an auxillary CPU connector(aka 4pin ATX +12v). If you can't match it up from the pics there, I'll suggest posting a few pics of the connection
  2. Fantastic... It's this one

    With the proper term to search for I was able to find one on ebay to plug into a molex plug for £3. Whooo.

    Thanks a lot. Marked as right answer.

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