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I'm looking into buying some new ram. I do a lot of editing and from what i've seen, more ram and fast ram is the best way to go. I want to get fast ram anyway.
I saw that this 16GB of Gskill sniper at 2400mhz is only 5$ more than the 2133 mhz. The difference is, the 2133 has a cas latency of 10 and the 2400 has 11. Will this make a big impact on anything at all?
Here's the links:
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  1. The 2400 MHz will be faster in some applications, but I recommend getting the 2133 MHz and overclocking it to 2400 MHz for the best performance. I've overclocked 2133 MHz CAS 9 to 2400 MHz before and the results are moderately better.
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    The higher the freq, the wider the bandwidth so get more processed per second, with comparable CLs
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