Would XFX 450w core edition psu handle hd6850/hd7770?

Hi I'm looking to upgrade my graphics card to a HD6850 or a HD7770 I was wondering if my XFX 450w core edition psu would handle the hd6850/hd7770.

My current setup is:
AMD Athlon ii x4 645 3.1ghz
4GB ddr3 2x2GB 1333mhz
DVD Drive
ASUS M4A78LT-M LE motherboard(running onboard graphics atm)
450w xfx core edition psu

I won't be overclocking the cpu/gpu at all and only thing else I'd probably add into the pc is another HDD later on.

Do you guys think I would need a new psu or would it be fine?

Thanks a lot :D
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  1. That is plenty of power for that setup :) That setup will pull probably around 250w max while gaming.
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    Yeah it will. Kitguru tested it, showing it to be a solid product.

    As for it putting out enough wattage, yes, it will.
  3. yeah for sure
  4. Thanks a lot for the swift replies will now order my hd7770 :)
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