New CPU Fan FM2, Recommendation? Please!

So I want to get a new CPU Cooler quick, So My Stock FM2 Fan is on 100% and somhow it still manage's to reach 43'c So i wondering if you can help me with one, One maybe that is Light, Great Airflow towards CPU for lower temperatures, but...

The price range, £5-£15, Cause thats all i have? I was thinking about this:

But thanks!
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    You could get this;

    CPU Cooler: Zalman CNPS5X Performa CPU Cooler (£12.38 @ Amazon UK)

    In the future you'll need to save up a little more for a better cooler 30-40 or so.
  2. Will this be sufficient for my CPU, Like it a certain, % lik 80% Would it be able to keep my CPU below 38'c?

  3. If you want really good performance a better cooler would be recommended. This is better then the stock fan surely, but is far from a Hyper Evo, or X60/H100i.
  4. Would you buy any chance know the measurements, so ik if it will fit in my case, my case is a SA90...

    But thanks
  5. A ATX case will most likely have enough clearance.

    Link to the PC case?
  6. Yeah, it should fit.
  7. Okiee Dokiee, I can always send it back anyway. Thanks for the quick replys and the great help :D
  8. No problem, anytime.
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