Best combo mobo+processor

hey all i want to consult you about this ,

i54670k+asus maximus vi hero better or

gigabyte z77x-up5 th + i7 processor which one will be better

i got the gigabye mobo at low price from a friend so i can get i7 so idk to get i7 and gb mobo

or i5 and asus mobo ??
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    Well, the i5 would suite just well for gaming and such. But, if you already are set on the path of the i7, or do some serious video editing/rendering get a i7.

    It really depends on the EXACT parts and what price you are getting them at.
  2. If u want this system only for gaming then i5 and i7 have no difference in performance so better to get i5. If u do video editing or streaming then i7 is better.
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