Hp Elitebook 8740w missing bottom covers and benchmarks

I just got an HP Elitebook 8740w (core i5 520m, Firepro 7820m, 4 gigs RAM) and it is missing the bottom covers... Any ideas of how to fix it/ make it less easy to break the exposed parts?

Also- Any benchmarks for the Radeon Firepro 7820m? I've looked up the graphics card and I can't seem to find many benchmarks for video editing and gaming.
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    Well, eBay and other open markets would be the best place to look, as well as similar models.

    Also if you run a 3Dmark or another similar test you could get your own benchmark.

    Also test it on some free Steam/Origin games.

    Best regards, Vel.
  2. Here are some benchmarks for the above specified laptop ( only difference being that I installed the Radeon 14.3 Beta driver, rather than the FirePro driver it had before. It makes it appear as "Radeon Hd 5800 Series", and is the same speed as before.)
    BF4: 35.6 FPS average on Medium settings
    Warthunder: Around 33 FPS on High
    Star Wars The Old Republic: 35 FPS average on Medium Preset
    Empire: Total War: 40 FPS on High preset
    L4D2: 45 FPS on Highest settings with 16x AA
    World Of Tanks: 35 FPS on Medium

    (All at 1680x1050)
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