GTX 750 vs AMD R7 260x

Hi guys. I'm planning to buy a new GPU. I was going to go with the R7 260x but after the release of the gtx 750 im not sure which one. People say Intel pairs better with Nvidia GPUs i have intel core i5 3470 3.2 ghz. I wont overclock (atleast not for now) So which one should i choose?

This is the specific R7 260x

And the specific gtx 750


GTX 750 fits my budget weel but the r7 260x would do to. Thanx so final thing gtx 750 vs r7 260x? If gtx 750 ti comes down on amazon and is global shipping eligible i may go with that but for now 750 vs 260x. Thanx in advance :)
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  1. R7 260x hands down unless on a budget or planing to record live gameplay. :D
  2. Actually they are pretty competitive. What games do you plan on playing? Some games run better on the 260x and some run better on the 750. Just overall the 260x tend to run a little faster though

    $15 more gets you quite a bit more longterm performance and you would probably be overall happier with the 750ti
  3. I plan on playing Skyrim with some shaders and graphics mods . Minecraft also with some shaders mods. War Thunder. And some heavy next gen titles like Thief and Assassins creed games.
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    Get the R7 260x


    Shell a couple more bucks and get the 750 ti


    Wait a little longer and get something even better like the 660/760.

    660 +$50
    760 +$100
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