Computer won't boot keeps restarting after about 1 second

I have a custom build which I made about 2 years ago and has been running fine for 2 years now no problems. I go to turn it on today and it would boot but no bios screen and very monotonous sounds inside the case as if the computer has frozen in a pre-boot state. I read through the forums and after checking all the connections, using different ram, only leaving video and hdd sata power cables in etc I decided to go out and buy a new PSU. Now when I go to turn it on it decides to shut down after 1 second before it hits BIOS and continually tries restarting by itself. I have tried removing the CMOS battery also but nothing has changed
Can someone help?

Intel pentium G620
Intel DH67BL M-ATX board
2x4gb sticks of RAM
60GB OCZ vertex 3 drive
150GB Velociraptor secondary drive
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  1. Your cpu or mobo is most likely damaged
  2. The system has now reverted back to the original problem of staying on constantly but not bios screen
  3. try replacing your cpu
  4. Is there anything else I can try other than what is suggested in the no post sticky. Without purchasing a CPU, I cannot check the CPU or motherboard separately
  5. Check every wire in your case to see if it's inserted properly might fix the problem.

    Also try replacing your hard drive or sata cable as one or both might be damaged
  6. To check if your CPU is working, do this -
    Remove the CPU cooler.
    Now switch on your PC for 5 secs.
    Keep your finger on the CPU heatspread to see if ti's hot. If it isn't, you are either not powering your CPU or your CPU is dead.
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