Universal remote for both HTPC and external peripherals (i.e. receiver, bluray player, etc.)

Hello folks,

So I have been looking for universal remote that can be used with a computer (primarily XBMC, WMC optional) BUT can also be programmed to control a receiver or any other device separate from the HTPC. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    Lgoitech harmony are the best all in one universal remotes. It's just find a PC dongle that is compatible with it.
  2. I'm not entirely sure that the product you're looking for exists. I have seen remote controls for HTPCs like the one I have from Logitech:

    But that only covers the basic HTPC browsing functions that won't cover external peripherals.
  3. Looks like the Harmony 650 can control a computer and any other external device. Rather pricey though at $80 :/ . I guess I'll have to suck it up :( .
  4. It can if you have a dongle for it. You need a compatible PC remote.

    Read through some of those results and pick a good receiver compatbile with your OS and get the harmony. It is a nice device though. Got my roomie one for his Bday and now i'm jealous, i want one. l ol.
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