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I have a asus p5b-deluxe mobo, Intel q6600 processor, 350w psu, and 4gb ram and an nvidia geforce 8400gs 512mb gpu, my question is what would be a good graphics card I could consider without bottlenecking my cpu or under powering with my psu? I play wow and league of legends.
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  1. You probably need a new pc at this point.
  2. The r7 250 or the HD 7750 is about the best your going to get without upgrading the PSU.
  3. Personally, I'd opt for the GTX750, it's brand new, fresh off the press and kicks some serious a** for its price.
    None of the non Ti variants need an external power lead and look to need about 60Watts, equal to or less than even the HD7750.
    Unlike the 7750, they're also fast enough to use some AA without turning the game into a rapid slideshow as well.
  4. I'd also say go with an 750/ti. If going the AMD path, a R7 260/X. Bear in mind, your CPU only has 560 million transistors, the new i7's have over 1.5 billion (+3x transistor count) So even a FX4300 will be a nice upgrade (1.2 billion transistors).
    Best of luck mate!
  5. I forgot about the new 750 go for it.
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    Yeh, that new Maxwell core really kicks b*** for its power consumption!
    A couple of points for McDeezy:
    That old Q6600 responds well to some overclocking, you might want to consider that, particularly with the current crop of games being so demanding of the CPU.
    The R7 260 requires a single 6 pin PCI-E power lead to run, you COULD use a Molex/PCI-E converter for this, but if you decide to overclock, you'll be pushing the power supply a bit, if it's several years old, I think you should spend a bit more on a PSU with the required power lead before overclocking, if you keep the system stock that (I'm guessing Dell) power supply will get the job done with an R7 260.
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