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Hi guys. Before I purchase i7 3820 I've spend my time to check if this CPU support VT-d and I found ambiguities so far. So I would really appreciate if anyone who has this CPU or experience with, will tell me if VT-d on x79 chipset works, as I'm planing to use heavilly VM so VT-d support would be handy. (mobo asus x79 deluxe so far I can't afford i7 3930)
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  1. Nice, but this is what I'm concern about. I've found so many forums talking about 3820 is not C2 stepping so it is not supporting VT-d even officially Intel when they released 3820(is C1) said it is supported. That's why I'm asking for personal experience if anyone get working VT-d on 3820. Thx
  2. Sorry mate, I haven't worked with any sb-e processors.
  3. No probs mate, that's why is this forum for ;). Anyway thanks for your help. ;)

    There is only one stepping of the 3820, SR0LD, and it supports VT-d. The 3930k and the 3960x had a C1 stepping that didn't support VT-d, with the C2 coming out later to fix the VT-d support, but the 3820 came out late enough that they only had the one stepping. It didn't sell well because of the locked multipliers and higher price than the 2600k, which had onboard video and unlocked multipliers, so they never bothered with additional steppings.
  5. So basically what you are saying is the 3820 can support VT-d? It is all confusing ;)
  6. *can't
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    No, it can/does support it. It came out later than the chips that didn't support it, so they had fixed it by that point.
  8. Thx mate, now is clear.
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