X4 760k + msi A75MA E35 or FX 6300 + asus M5A78L ?

Hi guys !
I'm building a budget gaming PC for BF4..Which Cpu & mobo should I get to get the best performance ?
Here's the rest of the spec
Psu: Corsair cx 600
Ram: Corsair V 1600 8gb
Vga: gtx 760 (r9 270x, 7850, gtx 660 ti ) ?
Case: Gamemax x6
I know i should get the asus m5a97 but I can't afford it. Will the m5a78l affect the performance ? (I'm not planning to overclock) or Should i get the x4 760k w/ A75 mobo ?
P.s: The more I save on the mobo, the better GPU I shall get :D Thanks.
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  1. Hi,
    -Better get the x4 760k/A75 combo, because the M5A78l is an old 760g chipset and doesn't go well with the ''new'' AM3+ Vishera/Piledriver CPU's
    -As for GPU choice, the r9 270X is pretty good card for the price.
  2. Thanks :D But will the R9 270X cause bottleneck to the CPU when i play bf4 multiplayer in high/ultra setting ?
    And how much fps should I get ?
  3. It will not bottleneck the CPU, just overclock it and you will be fine. Btw the R9 270X at 1080p on ultra settings gets 50fps or maybe more, while on high settings at 1080p gets 70+fps on BF4
  4. Sorry but is everything ok if not overclocking the cpu ? Should I get a third party cooler for the CPU ? Thanks :)
  5. Best answer
    Yes, everything will be ok, even without overclocking.But if you are not on a budget, and want to be able to overclock and get best performance, then get something like Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo, great air cooler for $30
  6. One thing more :D Will it okay if I get the Gtx 760 :D
  7. It costs 35% more than the R9 270X, while it is only 8% faster. It is up to you. Btw what is your budget and where do you live?
  8. Yeah you're right..I think I'll get the R9 270X :D
    My budget is around 600$ and I live in Vietnam where the prices are very...suck, you know Lol.
    And how do you think abou The asrock 970 extreme 4 ?
    Maybe I should get the fx 6300 with it and buy a cheaper GPU ?
  9. Asrock 970 Extreme 4 + FX 6300 + R9 270X will be pretty good budget gaming build, it will play almost all games at 1080p on ultra settings
  10. Thanks man (y)
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