Which motherboard is best for FX6350

I am looking to buy a good motherboard for the FX6350 since my current one , ga970a-ud3p isn't working correctly.

Which motherboard would you suggest?

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  1. GO with the 990. Better construction, newer chipset, better overclocking support, and I like Gigabyte over Asrock in general anyway lol
  2. HiTech, thanks for your feedback. That do look nice Blackbird. See this is why I have to come here for advice. Just when I thought I had some good choices, there's always something else better.

    So it's either the Asrock 990 Killer or the Gigabyte 990FXA.
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    Either one, really. I personally would go with the Gigabyte, but that's based off of my experience with Gigabyte lol Both are great boards.
  4. Thanks for the help
  5. The 990 killer is better.
  6. BlackBird have you used it before?
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