Installed 780, now PC turns off after raid selection/post

Hey all, my step up to a gtx 780 came today but I'm having issues. My set up is as follows:

i5 3570k @ 4.4ghz
16gb Ares Gskill ram @1866
As rock z77 extreme 4
2x WD Black 1tb HDD in raid 0
128gb toshiba q series pro ssd
Antec earth watts 750w PS

And I'm switching out my gtx 670 ftw for a gtx 780 acx

I installed the card and the computer posts to raid selection screen, but it just powers off after hat.... Could it be a power supply issue... I thought it might have been acting funny a couple of weeks ago but haven't had any serious issues. Could I be drawing too much power on startup? Is there something I needed to change about my mobo wiring now that this card uses a 8 and 6 pin? I used a 6+2 and a 6 pin from my PS, should I use their adapter instead? Help please! Thank you!
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    Try the adapter. If still no good, try another PSU if available. Since the system was acting out before the card swap, I would recommend another PSU to try.
  2. I just put the card in an older q6600 build /w a 600w PSU and it boots fine, gonna install drivers to insure the card is fine too... Probably PSU in new build huh?
  3. If I go to my local tigerdirect and grab a PSU should I chance 750w again? The store 25 mins from me has the RM750 while the store 55mins from me has the RM850.. I do like the corsair RM series but is it worth the extra drive for an extra 100w?
  4. Why don't you check online, they might have better prices for similar items, or better items for similar prices...
  5. Ended up goin with a Thermaltake - SMART Series 850-Watt PSU from best buy for 140+ tax. Just got it home and installed and whatya know?! Success! I'm up and running; and while my steam and origin clients finish updating, I will be searching for the best deal on a quiet 850w + PSU online. I have 15 days to find a replacement :)
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