MSI Z87-G45 great motherboard for gaming?

I just wanted to know if its good and how can i use the killer ethernet, how to configurate in order to plug my cable into it... Thanks
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  1. Hey

    Z87 - G45 is one of the most favourite motherboard for gaming
    It's a great motherboard ( some peope don't like MSI, but they got better at what they are doing, and Republic of gamers motherboard is sweet to have )

    Killer internet is a software thingy.
    It will reduce the usage of other internet required apps like torrent/skype while gaming :)
  2. Also, you will to buy it?

    What are your other system specs like CPU/graphics card that you want to get with it ( if you don't allready have )
  3. Best answer
    Yes, it is a solid board for the price.

    For Killer Ethernet. You just need to download the latest driver suite from either your motherboard's website or qualcomm's website. The driver is coming with a software suite that lets you manage all the network&internet traffic. You can configure it depending your connection, prioratize stuff etc... It's easy to use I'm sure you'll figure it out. There is also a driver-only version on MSI website if you don't want the software suite.
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