GPUs powered risers - where do they plug into the PSU?


I am building my first mining rig, and searching this forum helped me a lot, so thank you.

My question is, I have 4 R9 280x with powered risers, and 2 EVGA 750w PSUs connected with add2psu.
I know that all the molex connectors from the risers need to go into the main PSU,
However I cannot figure out if I need to plug them into a SATA port or PATA port.

And would it be okay to plug 2 molex with the same cable?

Any advice is appreciated, please let me know if there's more info I need to provide.
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  1. The gfx cards' PCIe 6/8 pin headers should be plugged into the PCIe aux cables coming from the PSU(s). If you have this Evga 750W PSU: should have 4 x 6/8 pin connectors each.
  2. Thanks for responding.

    Yes, those are already plugged in. I am asking about the molex connectors coming from the powered risers which I'm using.
  3. Powered risers? You're not using a MB with 4 PCIe X16 gfx card slots? Can you link me to the risers?
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