I have been unable to locate anything that looks like Oribit\54. Either in Program Data or Documents and Settings.

Looking at how to locate Saved Games in Assassins III I have seen Orbit\54 in Program Data and Documents and Settings but have been unable to locate such an animal. Please advise. I backed up my User files and had to do a reinstall of the OS.
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    so you reinstall the os, and the game? could be different location
  2. yeah I finally searched around and found it in the back up files in Users>Name>App Data>Roaming>Theda>Orbit>54 I also found it in Saved Games under the title. Thanks guys.

    BTW not a big fan of yahoo.answers seems like I get a bum steer more than not plus for some reason Microsoft answers miss the mark too about half the time.

    If an admin sees this go ahead an mark it as 'solved'
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