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I want to buy a desktop for gaming, and have decided to go for this,
It is described as having an "AMD Radeon R7 260x" graphics card, however, when I search for it, there are models from Saphire, Asus etc.
What I would like to know is, what card it is, and are the 'different' models the same, or differe.
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    They list the brand on the all the other parts, so either, it's a cheap brand and they don't want to list it, they use whatever cards they can find for the cheapest price so they swap out between all the different brands depending on stock and price, or, which is probably the most likely, is that use an actual AMD reference card in it. AMD does make their own cards, as well as sells the chips to other companies to make their own cards.
  2. They'll probably put in whatever R7-260X manufacturer's card they have the best deal on at the time. But generally, they are all about equal in quality. If it is important to you, call/email them and ask if they can be sure which one it will be.
  3. Thanks both, I'll call them closer to the time of purchase.
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