Building a touchscreen TV driver -- Any suggestions?

Hey all,

I'm building a computer for a lab I'm working with and they have a massive touch screen TV they want to be hooked to it.

The parameters:

- The computer either needs to be pre-built, or manually built.

- Must be small, with a profile of roughly 11" x 12", and be thin (less than 5" thick)

- Must be capable of running Windows 7 or 8 with OneNote and Powerpoint, as well as play full 1080p video without lag. We want it to be a smooth experience.

- Can be a laptop if needed.

- Must be $300 or less.

Now, I've never built a computer like this before, one that merely drives a monitor, so I'm not sure what my best avenue is. I'm hoping someone at TomsHardware knows what parts to really value, and... if this size, that capability, on that budget, is even possible.

Do you have advice? Ideas?

I really appreciate your input guys.

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  1. I would look at the ZOTAC ZBOX series. They have a bunch of different models depending on the pirce you want. You don't need a video card, any built on video should be fine for that purpose. it's just a matter of trying to keep it under budget. $300 for a whole mini pc is very tight but you might be able to find one. hope they don't want an OS for that price though too as then a $200 budget is impossible. that ones not bad.
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  3. You need to bump your budget up to around $500 AND you need to verify the connections to the screen ... in addition to a video connection, some screens require a 'touch' connection that may be USB, or even serial.

    The Zotac AMD A4-5000 ZBOXNANO-AQ01-PLUS-U with an SSD would be killer --- and has wireless capability.
  4. Thanks for the helpful articles everyone. I did look at the Zotac ZBOXes and ended up picking the ID-82 based on the article attached to James' post (VERY helpful by the way!)

    Inside I'll be attaching a referbed SSD and 4gb Kingston DDR3 204-pin. That should end me with the best experience.

    Also, thanks Wisecracker for pointing out the 'touch' peripheral cables required. I checked, and the box has all the interfaces you would need for the job!

    Thanks everyone!
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