Max GPU Usage in benchmark but not in my fame (ffxiv)

AMD 9370
GTX 670

When running FFXIV benchmark, my GPU is at full load. But when I jump in game I cant break 70% usage... weird. Im at 1080p maximum graphic.. not getting FPS I should get..

What could cause this?
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  1. Benchmarks are meant to push your components to the highest possible level. Games will likely never push your components to benchmark levels. I haven't read much up on FFXIV, but perhaps it favors higher single core performance as most MMOs do? In which case, Intel would have been the better CPU choice.
  2. I know intels are "better" But by no way a 9370 would bottleneck a gtx 670.
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    I never brought up bottlenecking.

    Simple fact is, MMOs, or generally, multiplayer games more heavily rely on CPU power. And if the game in question you're playing does indeed favor higher single core performance, Intel will win out over AMD. Good examples of this are WoW and Skyrim, while WoW is incredibly old, both heavily favor Intel's CPUs due to their superior single core performance, in which Intel performs better in said games over AMD.

    I'm not trying to bash AMD, or imply that you have a bottleneck, as you do not. But again, simply, depending on the game, your CPU will perform less than what you're expecting.

    Also, if your motherboard doesn't fully support your 9370, you could also run into issues as well.
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