Too many dllhost.exe processes running in task manager, making computer slow, need help

I need help. As the title says, when I open up task manager, there's about nine or more dllhost.exe processes running, and they take up a LOT of memory. This started when the computer's sound card suddenly died during a video that my younger brother was watching.

At first he thought it was just my speakers, so he unplugged them and plugged them back in. When it didn't work, he turned off the computer manually by flipping its switch, instead of turning it off via Start. That's when the computer began to run really slow, too slow for the internet.

When I checked task manager, there were, and still are, more than nine dllhost.exe processes running, and stopping them doesn't help, as another pops up.

I asked a similar question on Yahoo Answers, and only one person answered, telling me to run two virus scans, Housecall, and Norton Power Eraser. I did, and they didn't help, and no viruses were detected.

Most of the time, I have to get on Safe Mode to not only access the internet, but to try fixing the problem, and nothing has worked. Any type of advice, insight, experience, or help will be appreciated.

I've got a deadline to get this issue fixed, and it ends on April first, as I've got something important to get done by then, and with my computer in this current state, I can't get it done.
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  1. I tried that, Xcom, and it didn't work.
  2. OK, I went into my driver cache, then clicked on a file called i386, and clicked on driver in it, and found a massive amount of files with a bunch of names ending with .dll. Examples include hpvimn50.dll, epnhte4k.dll, lxsddr1.dll, cqsddr1.dll, etc. and some of them repeat, having the same names as others.

    Is that normal? If not, how can I remove them? The only options I have when I right-click one are Copy and Extract, and they can't be deleted.
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