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So, a few months back I bought a Lenovo A730, it is a great computer and all, honestly I love it, but the Intel HD 4600 can't run some of my games that require more. I know it is an all in 1, but is there any way I can install a new graphics card (EX- Geforce GTX 780) into this PC without drilling into it or being a tech genius? I'm very new to computer hardware, so tell me if this has an obvious answer.
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  1. No way would a 780, or any card for that matter fit in there...

    So no.
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    You might be happy to learn the Lenovo a730 has two graphics cards by default. The Intel integrated card and the nVidia GeForce GT740A with 2 GB of DDR3. Your system should switch automatically between them depending on what is required.
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