i5 3570k running at absurd temps

According to CoreTemp my CPU is running at 50c idle and ~100 under load. I've read that these temps are absurd and immediately threatening my CPU, but I'm confused on what could be going wrong. I've reapplied thermal paste and have a my fans set up optimally, yet I can't get my temps down. I even use compressed air to clean dust off the fans regularly! I'm using the stock fan and "under load" means playing Gunz 2 and watching a stream on my second monitor. Please help!
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  1. You may have to delid your cpu and reaply thermal paste. Check out some forums on how to do it!!!!
  2. You should invest in a better CPU cooler before delidding, certainly.

    Hyper EVO 212 is popular and relatively cheap at around $30. Xigmatek Gaia is a popular alternative.
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    Stock cooling is your issue. I would suggest getting a new cooler ASAP because if you run the CPU at 50 C idle and 100 C load for a long time the thermal paste in the CPU will dry up. Invest $30-40 on a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo or if you've got a bit more money get an H80i ($85) or H100i ($105).
  4. thats odd i have an i5 2500k and i originally used a stock cooler and never went above 58c on full load. Your cpu might be defective .
  5. Unless you are over clocking I don't think this is a stock fan issue unless your fan is really old and the bearings have started to go. Have you tried hooking your fan into a mulix instead of the PWM to see if it is spinning at it's max RMP?

    Also what thermal grease are you using and how much are you applying?
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