Where to I plug in 6-pin from sapphire r7 260x? I'm newbie to PC building so bare with me please.

I'm building PC now with asus m5a97 r2.0, sapphire r7 260x 2GB ddr5, and amd fx 8320. So my graphics have 6-pin connector and I don't know where to connect it. Also I have corsair cx 750m power supply if that helps.
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  1. If you're asking for where the plug is on the GPU's PCB, then
    If you're asking for where the plug goes into on the PSU, then

    It's the cable with 6pin on one side and 8 on the other end, and the cable should go into the 8 pin port next to the ATX plug on your PSU
  2. Should plug into your power supply.
  3. There is a matching 6-pin connector that came with the power supply.
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    Your power supply should have come with 6-pin cables that you can connect to the graphics card.
  5. Card plugs into Motherboard and you should see the 6 pin at back left of card
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