I'm building a gaming PC

I noticed that this build was about $975 total (including tax and shipping) yesterday. Today I check on the build again and it's $1,002.87 in total. Does PC hardware always rise and drop in price or is this a rare occurrence? Keep in mind that it's been one day.
I plan to buy this during the summer after I sell my old PC. How much would this cost during the summer? More or less, or maybe totally random?
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  1. PC Hardware price depends on the supply and demand. normal cause of price increase. I think the Case is the only thing that would be stable. Prices would still vary depending on a release of a new product, which will lower the price of its succeeding item. so it may vary in time. :)
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    The build looks pretty solid, and you have a good gpu to cpu ratio. Personally, for that high end a gpu and cpu, i would go for a 700w, or 750w PSU. As to answer your question on the rise and fall of pc part prices? It really depends, it's mostly random, but you do have a couple rebates that could end, and you can expect that if a new line of processors were to come out, that the current lines prices would go down, but other than that, i doubt you can predict it. However, i seriously doubt that the cost would vary that much, i think a range of maybe $900-1100 would be appropriate. Hope i helped! :)
  3. Thank you for the responses
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