System wont boot past BIOS after installing new CPU cooler

I just installed a Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO and now my system wont boot past BIOS. Upon bootup a beep plays like normal, and the ASUS splash screen appears. I can go into BIOS fine, but cant get past it, just a black screen.

I've double checked that everything is connected properly,any ideas?
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  1. If it's staying on a black screen it seems it's not finding any bootable device, check in BIOS if your OS HDD is being detected and also marked as primary boot.
  2. if it didn't find a boot device, it would say so usually. in the bios, what are the temps? make sure its connecting good.
  3. I still cant figure out what happened, but it eventually booted to Win7 after about 2 minutes. It usually only takes 20-30 seconds, thats why I kept resetting it. I can't figure out whats causing it to take so long to boot. Everything looks fine in BIOS...all components are recognized, temps are good, boot order is good, no problems.

    All I did was install the Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO. The only thing I changed when I plugged everything back in was to plug all my fans and lights into one PSU cable (with 4 4-pin outlets) so that I could tuck the other one out of the way for better air flow. I usually split them up between two cables. Would that make any difference? I'm just talking about 3 80mm fans with LED lights and pair of UV lights.

    One other thing: When I first powered down to do the installation I had 89 Win7 updates to apply (just got a new mobo/CPU so I'm having to reinstall everything). I applied them AND let the system boot up before shutting it down again to do the install, but would that cause the long boot?

    Thanks for the replies y'all.

    Edit: This is weird. My system only boots every other time. I've had to reset 3 times since I installed the new cooler (updates and whatnot) and now I'm noticing that every other time I reset it goes to a black screen after the ASUS Splash Screen, then I reset again and it boots to Win7 fine. I have never seen anything like this.
  4. It probably was reconfiguring following the updates. Do a disk clean up & disk defragment & reboot. I'd check for updates again , but after that I think you're good to go.
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