budget build need expert advice

Listed below are the parts I already have. I just want to know, using these parts, what can I add to it less than $100 that will help it achieve more than it can now. Total speak slowly.
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  1. What are you going to run on it... Do not say gaming...
  2. Lol no not gaming...basically something to just browse the so work on etc. Biggest thing maybe watching a movie on
  3. then you are likely OK... I used similar spec's to build my NAS that has media streaming capabilities. Except I went with a 600W PSU... I had one around and reused it.

    Built for FreeNAS with a PLEX media server module.
  4. So build looks good? Do you think its a good idea to go with a higher power source? Think its worth it to crossfire and if so , hst gpu should I get?
  5. if all you want to do is web stuff (surfing, Netflicks and such) it is fine.

    Windows 7 or 8?
  6. 7 ultimate. If I went with another apu or cpu/gpu combo could I get significantly better results for around 200?
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    no... should be fine for your purpose...
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