is this bad for internet streaming? (speed wave if want to participate)

here's the link i am bubba_red.
participate in the speed wave if you would like :D i but the main idea is to ask if it is a good upload /download speed for streaming to twitch thanks in advance
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  1. OMG!!! :ouch: this is an awesome speed i can just cry with my 512kbp/s :(
    But you have big ping
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  3. It all depend, standard 1080p use 4mb/s. You can use less or more depending on how much you will let your computer work.
  4. If you're streaming to twitch, upload matters. I'd consider seeing if you can get a plan with a better upload speed, though what you've got now should be fine.
  5. Me and my girlfriend usually stream to Twitch. Your internet totally seems fine. If you use tools such as Open Broadcaster Software, it shows you the bandwidth it uses on the right bottom corner, with a colored square next to it. I stream 1080p 30fps, and it averages around 3500 kb/s, aka 3.5 Mb/s.

    If there is no one else uploading big files in your house, you should be good.

    (reference for Open Broadcaster Software)
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