Older graphics card on new Motherboard query

Hi all,

I've spent quite a lot of time searching the net for a definitive answer to this with no luck, so here goes:

Can I run my Nvidia GTX 295 on a Z87 Motherboard (I have my eye on the ASUS Z87-plus)?
If so, how?
I'm guessing I would have to use one of the secondary slots rather than the primary one (I think it's a yellow and two black pci-e x16 slots on the ASUS).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Yes you can run GTX 295 on Z87 mobo. PCIe slot 3.0/2.0 can be used for this purpose. Use it on slot right below the CPU socket on the mobo.
    Make sure you've 600W+ PSU.
  2. That's fantastic news - thank you!
    Yes, i have a very nice 1000W PSU installed.
    I love the GTX 295 - with its 448bit memory bus (to my knowledge there hasn't been such a bus on an Nvidia card since) - it has served me very well.
    Granted, it's DirectX 9 hardware but Elder Scrolls Online will support DirectX 9 so I'm happy to read that too.
  3. Good luck dear.
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