218 dollars for 2 r7 260x video cards and 4 free games a good value?

I took advantage of the limited time offer where you get 2 free games with the purchase of a r7 260x video card. I decided to purchase 2 of them to crossfire. Would you consider this a pretty good value? 218 dollars for 2 r7 260x video cards + 4 top games Thief, Grid 3, Sleeping Dogs, and Hitman. Purchased the 2 gb sapphire version through newegg.
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  1. Not really, no.

    But Crossfire on low-midrange cards is horrible. You should have bought a single more powerful card.
  2. For the sake of graphics performance no, for the sake of a good value when considering the games at their full price.....maybe.
  3. Should I return both cards and get a r9 270 for around the same price? I haven't even received the cards yet.
  4. Better get R9 270x. This GPU will be good enough for your requirement.
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    If you can push for a GTX760 that would be best. Otherwise get whatever card fits in your price bracket, which would be R9 270 / 270x.
  6. thanks for all the responses
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