hdmi laptop to tv no picture no sound

HI, okay well I have a hp laptop computer and a Panasonic tv and I have been trying to connect them together with a hdmi cord, but it does not work, there is no picture or sound. the display came on once for a second and then went off with a few black lines running over the screen, as if the cord was beening pulled out. I thought the cord may have been faulty so I brought a new one but still nothing. can someone help me please???
a friend said that the problem could be in the computer settings?????
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  1. Make sure your TV's native resolution matches the resolution of your laptop.

    Thats why there's probably no picture or sound.

    You won't get a signal if it's not compatible.
  2. I just checked it, but still nothing?
  3. That's strange.

    When you connect your laptop to TV , does the laptop show any picture?

    What windows are you using? And what laptop? What's your TV model?
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