Phenom ii X6 1550t stock cooler not OC overheating

I apologise for the speech! Trying to give as much info as poss.

Mobo is a Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2P

So I recently upgraded from a X2 250 to a phenom ii X6 1055t.

It was second hand bought from a friend who I trust not to knowingly sell me something knackered.

My brother installed it and at first all great, ran fast, ran HWMonitor with P95 and although was running at about 59C with fan at about 6k. So at full load id say that is about right yes?

Put case side back on. Played a bit of MWO and again temp ok. Ran Cinebench and results were about what I would expect. However about 30 mins later after installing a new game, the system started to crawl, really crawl, and about 2 mins later the screen went black. So I turned of, rebooted and the reboot was SLOW, for instance when win 8 taskbar came up it was just coloured squares, took maybe 30 seconds before I could get to desktop.

Took case side off. Over the next few minutes it seemed to pick up and run ok, ran cinebench again, all seemed ok, but 5 mins AFTER running this the temp reached 65C and the fan was only running at 3k??

So switched off, waited an hour, removed HS and checked it was damaged warped, all looked OK, refitted (using small pea sized amount of paste, spread evenly almost translucent thickness), all OK. Entered BIOS this time to check temp and sat <50C, in HWmoniter im sitting at just 36C now.

Possibly just my brother putting too much paste on? Or think there could be a non hardware issue behind all this?

I have a coolermaster hyper 212 on its way and a second case fan to come (as well as new XFX PSU as min is casecom 500w that I am treating as 350W, currently hitting about 300W if my maths is correct, prob not relevant but IDK)

Ive read possibilty of BIOS causing issues?

Any advise would be great, ill post more info on more substantial testing for reference.
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  1. Just run P95 torture test, temp at 67C with fan running no faster than 3k RPM, so stopped torture test, still not happy with this heat. Surely with stock cooler and not OC the temp should NEVER go above 62C no matter what the load???

    Temp has settled now at idle to 38/39C which im happy with. However im afraid to use PC for anything testing until this is sorted, Im sure the hyper 212 will help but tdoesnt really seem to be addressing the actual problem, just treating it?

    Any advise will be very welcome.

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    This is the stock AMD cooler? Yeah, they pretty much suck.

    I agree with you that the temps are kind of high, but they're nothing close to anything that could damage your chip, and you have an actual cooler that's coming soon, which will alleviate the issue.

    By the way, thank you from all of us for being smart and realizing that power supply isn't reliable. :)
  3. Lol, ive been told a couple of times this last week that PSU should be FIRST on my list of upgrades, not last...
    Anyway ill update in next couple of days when I have new cooler.
  4. don't forget to clean the old thermal paste before apply new thermal paste. and a good processor need a good cooler :D
  5. Fitted hyper212 today, wow that thing is big, theres about 3mm clearance against my case but its in. Ran p95 stress test, didnt go above 50C. Such a difference, am happy to clock it a bit now without worrying about overheating. WOuld DEFINATELY recommend one of these even if your not going to OC, if you got room......
  6. cooler master hyper N520 is more smaller than 212 evo. and good cooler too.
  7. Well, at least he has room. :)

    And smaller isn't a good thing - it means less surface area to cool with.
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