my router wifii is working but the internet loss y?

plz help me
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  1. any budy there
  2. Really? You bump your post after 1 minute? That's bad form.

    Please actually describe your issue and the hardware involved in it.
  3. Maybe some more information like model of the router, concrete problem you get (p.ej: strong wifi signal but no connection to inet, only see interlan lan, etc...), how you have the system connected (adsl cable to the wifi-router, have separate channel conversor like a optic one and then a wifi-only router...)

    With so little information is very little that we can do.

    Pd: And leave some time to the people to answer would help also.
  4. How many users on the wifi? What channel is it using? Are there many other wifi networks using the same channel?
  5. Are you still there OP??
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