Why my computer lagging in playing videos and music after switched on for a while eg: 2-3 days?

Thank you.
I like to keep my computer switched on for a long time, so that it is easy to play videos or music in less time.
but, i need to restart my computer each time to get a smooth video or music play which defeats the purpose.

I even bought cpu cooler as I thought that's the problem and a new graphic card.

My rig is:

Upon initial buying the computer (best performance):

intel i7-3770K not overclocked
intel desktop board dz77bh-55k
internal HDD WD 3TB green
2 kingston 8gb rams
coolermaster psu 550 w
sapphire HD 7770 GHz edition

Additions later on:
WD 1TB blue
samsung SSD 256 GB

More later on:
seagate internal HDD 4TB
Noctua DH 14 CPU cooler
changed PSU to xigmatek 750W
asus nvidia gtx 760 direct CU II OC
CPU casing from generic cheap one to thermaltake MX+ armor to suit noctua DH 14
audio card asus xonar essence STX

Kindly provide your expertise.

I live in hot temp climate country all years. Malaysia. air cond only switched on when I'm in the room of course.

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  1. Best answer
    whatever your build is, pelase swap the PSU
    coolermaster psu 550 w is considered a junk and troublemaker

    pick one from the following brand
    Corsair, Antec, XFX, Seasonic
  2. thanks. but
    i've changed the psu to
    xigmatek tauro 700w 80 plus bronze already to accomodate the new graphic card : gtx 760

    still not enough?
  3. xigmatek is not a really popular psu maker
    PSU is not just about capacity, quality matters
    so it will be better for you if you can find the brand i mentioned above, in malaysia

    XFX 550W
    Seasonic 520/620W
    Antec High Current Gamer 520/620W
    those are my favorite
  4. Sounds more like a software issue, than hardware. Windows (any of them) is infamous for just this. Most times, its all the stuff windows keeps in its temp caches. Try a good cleaner, like CCleaner from (free download) and set it to clean out the garbage daily (takes 10-15 seconds)and a good system clean weekly and your system should run a lot better for you.
    is it okay?
  6. or should I upgrade to windows 8.1?
    i'm using windows 7 64 bit ulitmate.
  7. scavengerrondz said:
    is it okay?

    definitely OK, it belongs to the top tier PSU
    but can you afford it?

    btw software issue is not only the OS
    could be bad driver, bad video player, etc
  8. for now can. just received my paycheck for this month. as long as it solves the problem. good to go?
  9. Can I make a small point.

    1. If the trigger point in the bios for the temp reached is set to throttle the cpu core or by auto sensing. The core speed will drop and likely the cause.

    Cure a better after market cooler for the cpu if using the stock Intel cooler.

    Just thought I would mention it as you never stated if you were using a stock Intel cooler.

    So down clocking the core would be the cause of judder in video playback ect.

    As the cpu is down clocking so the stock cooler can dissipate or cope with the heat build up.
  10. i'm using Noctua NH D14 CPU cooler. And never able to overclock it. run at 3.5 GHZ
    core cpu temp max is 47 degree celcius, min is 37 degree celcius.
  11. thanks. I've changed the psu already to seasonic 860 w platinum series and upgraded to windows 8.1 pro.
    all the above mentioned problems solved. my pc run smoothly as ever.
    thank you all!
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