Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 "Bios ID CHECK Error

Okay so I've been trying to update my Bios via q-flash and I get this Bios ID Check Error. What can I do to bypass that or is there anything else? TY in advance
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  1. "Bios ID Check Error"

    The BIOS update you are attempting to apply is the wrong one for that specific motherboard model.

    You can't bypass it. Double-check your motherboard's model and revision/version number.
  2. Thank you for your answer. I figured it out. I was trying to upgrade it to UEFI and not to the Original Bios. Seems like I succeeded. It was successful but now I'm afraid I can't go back. What my question really is. Is UEFI in any way better for my MotherBoard? Or is Touch Bios good enough... The truth is that I have been reading that for this particular MB UEFI isn't as good but it did fix my shadowplay which gave me BSOD every time I turned it on with regular Bios on. Now it works even with 2 monitors attached to my GPU. Can someone please tell me if I made a mistake upgrading to UEFI? Or am I just being paranoid... Thank you all for your answers. I'm trying to see if I could've made the shadowplay work without upgrading. Also is there any way to go back now? Or is it too late. I'm sorry for so many questions. I'm kinda new to this BIOS thing :/
    The last Question and the most important one would be : Is this Z68AP-D3 rev.2.0 a good motherboard since I didn't pick it. It was a part of a rig I was givven as a present. Is it worth upgrading to a new MB??? TY again
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